Tuesday, July 24, 2007

British History 101

Website: britishhistory101.com
RSS Feed: http://maskaggs.hipcast.com/rss/bh101.xml

Name: Michael Anthony
Email: BritishHistory101@gmail.com
Founded: July 2006
Podcast Description: British History 101 offers looks into the past of Great Britain, covering topics both well-known and more obscure, and also examines popular British holidays and important celebrations.
Category: British history

# of Episodes: 24
Episode Frequency: Weekly/Bi-monthly
Popular Episodes: The Battle of Hastings, Winston Churchill, the Battle of Trafalgar, The Queen's Yeoman
# of Subscribers: Approx. 17,000
# of Downloads: 100,000+
Sponsors: Audible.com, other history podcasts


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