Tuesday, July 24, 2007

History Podcast

Website: http://www.historyonair.com
RSS Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/HistoryPodcast1

Name: Jason Watts
Email: historypodcast@gmail.com
Founded: June 5, 2005
Podcast Description: History Podcast is a podcast devoted to learning about historical figures, events and places. Listeners are invited to suggest topics via email for future episodes.
Category: General

# of Episodes: 92
Episode Frequency: Monthly
Popular Episodes: 65 Mongol Invasion, 37 Sealand, 92 Jamestown
# of Subscribers: ~15,000
# of Downloads: 1.1 Million
Sponsors: None


Blogger david b said...

I'm a recent comer to the podcast scene and have to admit it's proving harder than I expected to find good history podcasts - ones you can really sink your teeth into. I downloaded the intro to Balkans prior to WW2 episode. It turned out to be a high school paper, one that might have been given some punch if the delivery was top notch but the reader stumbled over words in each sentence and, sorry to say, pretty well hacked through foreign names. I'm realizing that a common disclaimer is made re. pronounciation but if you really have no aptitude for it you might want to reconsider throwing your hat in the ring. It was bad. I turned it off. BUT - the site's episode database looks huge so I'll try a few more.

So far I'm finding UC Berkeley's webcasts to be the most in-depth and citically rigorous.

6:54 PM  

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